Terms of Business

____ Property Line:
We accept no responsibility for placement. All work will be placed in accordance with the Real Property Report (“RPR”), which is to be provided by the Client.
If 100% accurate placement is required, it is the client’s responsibility to contact and hire a survey company.

Yard Etiquette:
We love Fido as much as you do. We do, however, value our health and safety, and a tidy workspace. Please ensure that the yard is free from
all debris and other items Fido may have left behind. There may be additional fees for untidy or unsafe working conditions. Thank you for understanding.

Terms of Payment:
A 50% initial deposit is required before we begin work. We ONLY accept cash, cheque and bank drafts for your convenience. Balance due upon completion.
Overdue invoices will be charged at rate of 2% per
month. There will be a $100 fee charged for any dishonoured items.

Additional Work:
All work outside the confines of the original estimate is billable at the cost of materials plus an hourly rate of $80/hour (A “Cost-Plus” basis).